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Rev.  Christopher Burger was born in Houston, Texas, and lived in Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida during his youth.    

   A graduate of Florida Atlantic University  with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Pastor Burger moved to Boston after college to study and pursue his love of architecture. Twelve years later, he left his own cabinetry business to move to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he began his seminary studies. Pastor Burger received his Master of Divinity in 2006 and has completed some of the coursework toward a Master of Sacred Theology  degree.   

   He married his wife, Evelyn, in 1990, and they have been blessed with two sons and a daughter. Pastor Burger enjoys cooking, sailing, and discussing theology with friends as well as sharing the love of Christ with folks he meets around town.    

   Pastor Burger has served Holy Trinity Lutheran Church as her pastor since 2006.  

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